10 Jun
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History of Making and Keeping Big Promises

Few tools exemplify the work of the artisan so much as the lathe. The lathe is one of the first tools used to shape an item, used to smooth the piece into a cylinder, and then carve additional markings into it. It can be used to created rings, indents, and spirals in a piece of wood and other materials. While it is usually used for more gross manipulations of the material, it can also be used for some fine work, making it one of the most indispensable tools in a shop. It is arguably one of the first mechanized tools invented by man, with only the pottery wheel able to stake a claim, and virtually defined the Industrial Revolution. As the mother of tools, it one of the most basic tools itself in any workshop.

With a lathe, a person can do quite a bit. Not only can the lathe be used for a wide variety of different tasks by itself, but it can also be used to create other tools; this is how it earned the moniker “mother of tools.” The lathe is also being updated, with tool companies such as https://www.overbeckmachine.com/ developing newer and more specialized lathes all the time. There is a lathe for almost every function when it comes to carving into materials making it easily one of the most versatile tools and therefore the cornerstone of any fabrication shop.

It is worth noting that the lathe is ubiquitous and, therefore, something that pretty much all tool companies have some version of it. This means that each company needs to distinguish itself as the company that you should deal with. The best way to do so is to establish yourself as a straight-dealing individual that backs their promises. In a tight field, people look for quality first, price second. A company with a reputation for making big promises and backing those promises is going to stand out above everyone else. People are willing to spend a little more if they know the tool is going to last and can help them do whatever they want to do.

Consider the simple Christmas tree: You are more willing to spend more at a lot where you know you can get the best trees; it is worth spending a little more if you know the tree is going to look good and still look good a few weeks down the road. You do not want a tree that is going to be all branches and no needles before New Year’s. It is just something that is not going to work. Because of that, you are willing to spend a little more on a tree from a seller that you know sells a great looking tree and that will maintain its appearance for weeks afterward.

The same applies to your tools. You do not want to deal with shoddily made tools that will break down later on down the road. Tools of all stripes are hardly cheap. Having a tool that breaks easily not only costs money to replace but may result in having to replace materials or go to the emergency room, ensuring that even doctors and nurses hate shoddily made tools. The one thing faster than the Internet is the rumor mill, and a company does not want to have a reputation for tools that not only cannot get the job done but also cause injury. A company that gains that sort of reputation is likely to go out of business.

On the other hand, a company that makes some big promises and delivers on them is going to be the one to watch. That is, the company that not only creates a great lathe that does everything that is expected of it, from handling materials, easy to use, and with some great safety features, is probably going to have a hit on its hands. As long as it keeps its promises, the company can only gain in reputation.

The bottom line is that consumers love those that make promises and then deliver on them. It shows that not only does the company listen to its customers but that it is willing to go that extra mile for its customers. Those companies make artisans happy as it means that they have the tools to do some really great things, and that is always good for everyone.

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