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10 Jun

History of Making and Keeping Big Promises

Few tools exemplify the work of the artisan so much as the lathe. The lathe is one of the first tools used to shape an item, used to smooth the piece into a cylinder, and then carve additional markings into […]

History of Samba Music

Samba music remains a popular and widespread musical genre. Thought to have originated with African slaves who brought it to Brazil, the music has roots in traditional African ceremonies. Enjoyed by people all over the world, the samba has a […]

History of Presidential Campaigns

In electoral crusades for almost all countries’ top positions, including that for the U.S. presidency, one cannot help but notice the different gimmicks and promotional ads plastered on every medium there is. Political rivals fight tooth and nail for nationwide […]

History of Parades

The traditional pastime of parades fills us with excitement and a sense of nostalgia. Who can pass up a Thanksgiving Day or Mardi Gras celebration parade? People stand curbside and cheer as the procession of high school bands, enormous floats […]

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day, which takes place annually on the last Monday of May, is one of America’s favorite federal holidays because it officially kicks off the summer season. It is also a very emotional holiday for a lot of people because […]

3 Apr

History of the Christmas Tree

Throughout the world when the Christmas holiday season is upon us one of the most popular traditions involves decorating a tree with ribbon and small ornaments, a string of lights that flash, and of course the magic of stacking gifts […]

3 Apr

History of Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and along with Easter is their most important event in the Christian calendar. In the 21st century the Christmas holiday season has become popular outside […]

7 Mar

History of Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is a US federal and State public holiday honoring service men and women who served in defense of the nation. November the 11th every year is designated Veteran’s Day and it involves religious services, marches of veterans wearing […]

6 Mar

History of Halloween

The evening and night of the 31st October which we call Halloween, is a magical time celebrated by people of all faiths these days, and none more so than by children who delight in dressing up as ghosts and skeletons […]