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History of Samba Music

Samba music remains a popular and widespread musical genre. Thought to have originated with African slaves who brought it to Brazil, the music has roots in traditional African ceremonies. Enjoyed by people all over the world, the samba has a […]

History of Pink Floyd

Like most band in the sixties, Pink Floyd was a product of the upheavals and climactic changes happening that time. The band was formed in 1965 during the psychedelic era in London’s music underground. The original band members were Nick […]

6 Apr

History of Opera

Opera is a style of entertainment that involves theater combined with orchestral music and singers who perform using a distinctive classical method of projecting their voice. Performers in opera are not only trained in singing, but also in stage craft […]

18 Mar

History of Rap Music

Rap music is a style of poetic rhyming set to a heavy percussive beat often including a chorus sung by another performer in the style of traditional pop or rhythm and blues. Rap music is primarily an American medium but […]

7 Mar

History of Bossa Nova

The Bossa Nova is a Brazilian style of music that is closely related to Jazz and is known for its off key interpretations where the melody is often sung at a higher range than the instrument. Bossa Nova is known […]