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17 Mar

History of the Internet

The internet has become a cultural, economical and life changing technological phenomenon. Enough can not be said about this incredible technology. Billions of households and businesses rely on their internet provider like the EATEL internet service providers for a fast and reliable […]

History of the Segway

Invented by Dean Kamen, the Segway Human Transporter (HT) electric vehicle has a two-wheeled, self-balancing design. Popular Science honored the Segway HT as one of the world’s most outstanding breakthroughs with an award in Best of What’s New Award in […]

14 Oct

History of Discman

The Discman, or more correctly known as the Sony Discman, was a range of portable compact disc players powered by batteries and with a set of headphones that allowed their owners to listen to music while on the move or […]

14 Oct

History of Technology

As humans, we continue to strive to make our lives more fulfilling. Our quest for knowledge and understanding nature around us is inherent in all of us. Technology in a sense can be defined as inventing tools and advancing knowledge. […]

14 Oct

History of the Telephone

It is hard to believe the fundamental change a single invention brought to the world, yet that is precisely what the telephone did, suddenly talking to a loved one or business colleague at almost any distance with effortless ease from […]

History of Cell Phones

The history of cellular phones may have originated in 1910 with Lars Magnus Ericsson who was said to have installed a telephone in his car. He traveled across the country, and whenever he saw a place where phone lines were […]

History of Nanotechnology

The idea that we can build machines in microscopic sizes and have them function like construction bots producing, organizing, and rearranging objects at the molecular level is not as easy to believe when the technology is not yet existing. That […]

History of Potassium

Marked with a letter K as its chemical symbol, Potassium is one of the most abundant metals on Earth. In nature, it occurs as ionic salt found dissolved in seawater, and as part of many minerals. It is also necessary […]

10 Apr

History of the iPod

Today, one of the most popular devices to listen to music is the ubiquitous iPod. Apple’s iPod not only revolutionized the way many listen to their music, but also how they buy their music and other types of media. While […]

6 Apr

History of Computers

Obviously one of the great inventions of our time has been the computer. Today, billions use computers in their daily life. While the first computers were extremely large and took up entire rooms, today, computers are extremely small and can […]