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2 Mar

History of Lipstick

It is difficult to imagine any makeup without lipstick. The variety of this cosmetic is huge: solid and liquid, transparent and colorful, brilliant and matte. We can choose whatever we want, depending on the mood, event, hairstyle, and jewelry. As […]

History of Kokopelli

Many people enjoy South American Native American art and jewelry. Some examples include the elegant turquoise and coral squash blossom necklaces the Zuni craft and the Kachina dolls and intricate baskets the Hopi craft. Many of the patterns and symbols […]

7 Mar

History of Cosmetology

Thru the last several thousand years people have been using cosmetics to improve their appearance, mimic animals, or just to look scary for religious festivals. The history of cosmetology is actually older than civilization with ancient nomadic peoples being known […]