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23 Sep

History of Sports Cars

Have you ever wondered how sports cars came to be? A sports car is designed to drive fast. They are beautiful and dynamic in their performance. Their acceleration, handling, and top speeds are off the charts. As we look at […]

History of Ice Skating

The practice of ice skating is common in many countries around the world. It usually takes place on man-made ice rinks nowadays, although “cold” countries like Sweden and Canada, for example, keep the tradition of skating on frozen rivers and […]

History of Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons is an American football team that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team is a member of the NFC South, a division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team joined […]

14 Oct

History of Volleyball

Volleyball is an Olympic team sport played by two teams of six players on a court with a net between them and a ball which is punched across the net, the objective being to score points against the opposing team […]

History of Tennis

Strong hits, powerful strokes, explosive returns, and smooth serves – these are the moves that make tennis a very engaging game. Wimbledon, Australia Open, and the French Open are three of the famous courts where the top seeds meet each […]

18 May

History of Baseball

Baseball is a sport played internationally but mostly in the US and Canada between two teams of nine players over nine innings. At any one time, one team will be on field with one of the players designated pitcher while […]

12 May

History of Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a female American tennis player, the sister of Venus Williams, and also a top ranked player who has been ranked number one in the world several times, and holds the record for holding all four grand slam […]

23 Mar

History of Football

Football, otherwise known as American Football is a sport involving two opposing teams of players competing for territory on a football field using a ball and set play with the objective being to get the ball to the goal line […]

7 Mar

History of Soccer

The world’s most popular sport, the game of soccer, is widely considered to have been a British invention, mostly because the rules that established the game were written in England in the 1800s, yet in fact the game has been […]

6 Mar

History of Basketball

Basketball is quite a young sport that has taken the world by storm for it’s athleticism and accessibility, almost anyone can hang a hoop against a wall and practice alone or with a small group of friends. Originally basketball was […]