History of Things

From the dawn of time to the present, and spanning billions of years in between, humankind is now compiling accurate stories of the history of things which makes for fascinating reading. Stories that capture the imagination of wide eyed children, stories told by village elders around the evening campfire, stories that resonate deep within our souls and let us know we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves. They’re all here on the History of Things.

A passion for the way things work, knowing the things people do, or seeing the beauty in things around us, all of these things become exciting and give great enjoyment when we understand the history behind them. Knowing that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated is boring until we know who pulled the trigger and why. History turns mere mortals into heroes, bystanders into participants, and brings life to almost every subject.

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Not interested in how electricity is generated, or why Picasso chose to start a new school of art? You soon will be after you’ve read our histories of things. We believe history shouldn’t be locked up in dusty ivory towers behind solid oak doors, no, we believe history should be right where it’s needed most, where you choose to look for it, and for most people that place is the Internet.

History, especially the history taught at school rarely captures the imagination of it’s student, yet the history of things is fundamental to our understanding of the nature of the universe. So often the same set of circumstances seem to repeat themselves, we can say history never repeats, the reality is very different.

Every war, every financial crisis, every dynasty, every love story; they’ve all been done before, sometimes in a different part of the world, often using a different language, many times the people have believed different things, but yet they’ve all been done before in some form. Learning our own history, the history of other peoples, and the history of the universe we live in could be the catalyst that enables us to grow as individuals, and just maybe, we won’t be destined to repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors.

Antique World Map

Perhaps history is more interesting when a story is being told, some of the most successful historians and writers of history have embellished cold dry facts with personality, wit, and even a bit of drama. We think this is why historical dramas on TV or at the movies are so successful, and the great news is that history doesn’t need to be boring or limited to a very small group of experts.

History is for everyone, we can all share in the richness of our histories, and this website, the “History of Things” aims to deliver history written factually, but with the added twist that we love telling stories, and we especially love it when you tell us your stories. Of course we always check our facts against the latest theories and evidence, and we love history, but we’re passionate about telling the story of the history of things.

Whether it’s the history of computers, the Olympic games, or the seven wonders of the world you can be sure we’ll be covering it, our writers are busy crafting interesting and exciting accounts of the most popular history of things which we’ll be publishing right here, at no charge to you, all we ask is that you bookmark our site, tell all your friends about us, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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Do you need to research class assignments? Perhaps you’ve joined a club quiz night, or maybe you just need to know because you need to know. It really doesn’t matter why you want to know the history of things, just as long as you get your answers. Of course we believe the answers should be written well, and should keep your interest from beginning to end.

We welcome your submissions. if you have a passion for the history of something, simply write your story, give it a human angle guaranteed to keep our interest, and if we like it we’ll publish it, we’ll even add your name to the article so you get the credit. We’re not proud, we understand that you may have more knowledge than we do, and we prefer histories written by experts like yourself who want to share their passion with the world.

Join us on our journey as we delve into the past looking for the human angle to history, and be sure to contact us and let us know what subject you’re most interested in, we’ll immediately get our writers on to it, they’ll research the topic extensively, we’ll get in touch with acknowledged experts in their field, then we’ll write the history you deserve to read.

Need to know about the history of Roman gladiators, or the Han dynasty of China, maybe the history of the United Nations? We plan to cover it all in the History of Things, so don’t forget, bookmark our site [CTRL-D], subscribe to our RSS feed, and tell all your friends about us. And don’t forget to send us your ideas or history articles.