Articles by " Shenron"
28 May

History of Art Conservation and Restoration Business – Key Strategies for Marketing

Now more than ever, any art-themed business needs to maximize its marketing appeal among key demographics. With turbulent economic times, many art owners, galleries and exhibits may decide to delay potential conservation and restoration projects. This means that cultivating a […]

13 Sep

History of Mangoes

There’s nothing more appealing than a beautifully ripe, delicious mango. This juicy stone fruit, which is a relative of the cashew and pistachio, is native to South Asia but is grown in many different parts of the world. Mangoes have […]

10 Jun

History of Making and Keeping Big Promises

Few tools exemplify the work of the artisan so much as the lathe. The lathe is one of the first tools used to shape an item, used to smooth the piece into a cylinder, and then carve additional markings into […]

12 Dec

History of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes and are ubiquitous to modern life. Every residence and most commercial buildings in the world will likely contain a coffee table of some sort, be it in an office, staff break room, living […]

5 Dec

History of Options Trading

Wall Street may now be the bastion of the trading world, but it’s not always been that way. What’s more, it may not be that way forever. Through a combination of history and innovation, options trading has evolved over the last […]

6 Nov

History of King Arthur

If there is any figure that can so fittingly be described as equal parts man, myth and legend, it is the figure of King Arthur. While his actual existence continues to be debated, with most scholars leaning towards the conclusion […]

2 Nov

History of Your Amazing Heart

In South Africa, a patient named Louis Washkansky received the first human-to-human heart transplant. A South African surgeon named Christiaan Barnard performed it. He originally used the techniques that were developed by the American surgeons, Norman Shumway and Richard Lower. […]

16 Aug

History of Wine

Wine has an interesting and ancient history. As far back as recordkeeping allows, historical records along with surviving wall art in the form of carved reliefs suggests that fine wine made from grapes was produced for Kings, Queens and Emperors. […]

30 Jul

History of Steel Buildings

When we talk about steel buildings, we are referring to the types of buildings that are made mostly from steel although they can include other materials as well. Steel buildings are very strong and the ideal type of material for […]

2 Mar

History of Lipstick

It is difficult to imagine any makeup without lipstick. The variety of this cosmetic is huge: solid and liquid, transparent and colorful, brilliant and matte. We can choose whatever we want, depending on the mood, event, hairstyle, and jewelry. As […]