Articles by " History of Things"

History of the Cornucopia

When you sit down to a Thanksgiving feast, it’s likely your eyes take in an attractive centerpiece on the table called a cornucopia. Fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables fill and spill out of the horn-shaped woven basket. Nicknamed the “horn […]

History of Tecumseh

The Fight for Territory England and France were determined to colonize the early United States during the Great Age of Exploration. The two countries fought each other as they vied for the right to claim territories. They felt that they […]

History of Sir Edmund Hillary

Mountaineer and explorer Sir Edmund Percival Hillary died in 2008, nearly five and a half decades after his historical climb to the top of Mt Everest that gave him and his climbing partner Tenzing Norgay worldwide acclaim. Originally a beekeeper […]

History of Samba Music

Samba music remains a popular and widespread musical genre. Thought to have originated with African slaves who brought it to Brazil, the music has roots in traditional African ceremonies. Enjoyed by people all over the world, the samba has a […]

History of Presidential Pardons

The United States President uses a pardon to mitigate or set aside the punishment of a crime committed by someone or an entity convicted of wrongdoing.  Since its inception the pardon has changed considerably from the original definition laid out […]

History of Presidential Campaigns

In electoral crusades for almost all countries’ top positions, including that for the U.S. presidency, one cannot help but notice the different gimmicks and promotional ads plastered on every medium there is. Political rivals fight tooth and nail for nationwide […]

History of Phantom of the Opera

Most film and stage play enthusiasts are familiar with the Phantom of the Opera. The French writer Gaston Leroux wrote the novel, whose original title is Le Fantôme de l’Opéra. It first appeared as a series in the French newspaper […]

History of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a quintessential, all-American product. It is the premier ingredient in many school kids’ lunch boxes, and it is estimated (though not scientifically) that the average American eats over 1500 peanut-butter-and-jam sandwiches by the time he reaches college. […]

History of Parades

The traditional pastime of parades fills us with excitement and a sense of nostalgia. Who can pass up a Thanksgiving Day or Mardi Gras celebration parade? People stand curbside and cheer as the procession of high school bands, enormous floats […]

History of Meteorology

The word “meteorology” was coined by Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle, who named one of his research books Meteorologica. This early work deals with general sciences of the earth: elements, geology, hydrology, wind, seas, and of course, the weather. In […]